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Newlink Cabling Systems News
Newlink Cabling Systems News
ISO 9001 Accreditation
Newlink Cabling Systems NewsNEWLINK Cabling Systems has received the ISO 9001 accreditation for its quality management system.

This important accreditation is achieved thanks to the extraordinary performance and enthusiasm of our teams in administration, purchasing, operations, warehouse logistics and sales, who reached this goal by following and complying with the strict process. Congratulations on the excellent work and great result!
In this day of celebration we thank you, our customers, for your support and motivation to be a world class leader company. Your support and encouragement during our 20 years of experience prompted us to achieve significant progress so that today we are able to offer more complete solutions than our competitors, warranties of 25 years in certified installations, Verified UL certified products, international certification courses and from today ISO 9001 accreditation!

Looking forward, NEWLINK maintains its principal objective of providing high quality specialized products for voice, data and video. Including complete solutions for copper and fiber optic connectivity with accessories and infrastructure. Keeping business in more than 20 countries and serving the final consumer through a network of Authorized Wholesalers in each country, with over 450 Certified Installers.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

Fernando Pacheco

NEWLINK Cabling Systems, Inc.

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Newlink Cabling Systems
Newlink Cabling Systems
Newlink manufacturers the highest quality of copper and fiber optic cables and accessories for Voice, Data and Video transmission. NEWLINK guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and offers a comprehensive Lifetime product warranty combined with our 25-year Performance Certification.
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Newlink Cabling Systems Newlink Cabling Systems Newlink Cabling Systems